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The Richard B. Gump Society is open to individuals who have expressed their support of the Asian Art Museum in their wills, estate plans or other planned giving vehicles by making a gift of funds, property or other assets. It is through these gifts that Society members can establish an enduring legacy that ensures the future growth and financial security of the Museum. Society members are recognized in the Museum's list of published donors and honored at an annual reception. For information on the Museum's planned giving program, contact Elizabeth (Liz) Bacchetti, Deputy Director of Development, 415-581-3775 or

The following are members of the Richard B. Gump Society.

Mr. Anthony Alfidi

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Arens

Carole and Alan Becker

Mr. Andrew J. Bellotti

Mr. Donald Buhman and Mr. C. W. Humphrey

Mr. John S. Burd Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander D. Calhoun

Mr. Donald J. Chaps

Dinny W. Chase

Mr. Alan F. Chow

Dr. Stephen R. Chun and Dr. Doris Sze Chun

Mrs. Joyce H. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn L. Colville

Dr. and Mrs. Eric G. Comstock

Joan L. Danforth

Mrs. Amy Tamaki Doi

Mr. Jared C. Ede

Mrs. Denise Fitch

Mrs. Hannah Forester

Mr. Donald J. Frediani and Ms. Renata Gasperi

Mr. Walter Jared Frost

Dr. William A. Galeno

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gerstley

Richard S. Hahn, M.D.

Ms. Renee R. Hall

Mrs. Margaret B. Handelman

Mrs. Marsha Vargas-Handley

Dr. M. Robert Harris and Mr. Edgar W. Pye

Mrs. Gloria R. Hendricks

Dr. Gloria M. Hing

Mr. Robert M. Johnson

Mr. Richard H. Jones

Mrs. Mary Jope

Phyllis A. Kempner, Ph.D. and David D. Stein, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill S. Kim

Thomas and Mary Ellen Knapp

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Larkin

Mrs. Barbara A. Liddell

Ms. Margaret F. MacKellar

Mr. Dennis P. Marino

Miss Josephine M. Markovich

Dr. Sumner Marshall and Dr. Hermine H. Marshall

Dr. James L. Martin

Ms. Karyl M. Matsumoto

Ms. Linda A. McBain and Mr. Robert H. Kozlowski

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm M. McHenry

Dr. Robert Meckel

Mr. Robert L. Merjano

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Meyer

Mr. J. Sanford Miller

Mr. Russell R. Miller

Ms. Marnay O'Neal

Mr. John B. O'Sullivan

Ms. Diane Ososke

Mr. Michael J. Pascua

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Patterson

Mr. Greg L. Pickrell and Ms. Evelyn Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Price

Mr. P. A. Reque

Mr. Gerald B. Rosenstein

Ms. Louise A. Russell

Ms. Xenia Sanders

Dr. Emily J. Sano

Mrs. Midori H. Scott

Mr. Charles F. Simmons

Ms. Layla D. Somit

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sonnenblick

Mr. Robert L. Speer and Mr. John Wong

Mrs. Genevieve W. Spiegel

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Spiegl

Ms. Bernice M. Strube

Mrs. Masako M. Suzuki

Mr. Charles J. Tanenbaum

Mr. Bob Temple

Mrs. Jean-Louise N. Thacher

Mr. and Mrs. W. Carroll Tornroth

Mr. Michael E. Tully

William J. Wedemeyer and Midori O. Wedemeyer

Ms. Michelle Wilcox and Mr. Robert F. Kuhling

Mrs. Norma Yaglijian

Mrs. Ana-Maria Zaugg and Ms. Alexandra Zaugg Swafford

Mrs. Kazuko Imagawa Zolinsky

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