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This printable form has been provided without headings or navigation links to facilitate printing. You may fill it out on line and then print it. You may mail it to us at:

Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse
Attn: Development
2020 Addison Street
Berkeley, CA 94704

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Information Request

Please send me information regarding:

Cash Gift
Appreciated Securities
Real Estate
Gifts of Life Insurance
Gifts of Retirement Assets
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Retained Life Estate (definition)

Are you considering a gift currently?


Would you like to inform us of a bequest or other gift?

Yes, I have made a bequest or other planned gift and would be pleased to have my name included as a donor.
Yes, I have made a bequest or other planned gift but I would prefer to remain anonymous.

Additional Comments or Requests
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Calculation Request.


With the following information, we will provide you with a calculation of your benefits using a Charitable Remainder Trust to make a charitable gift. There are other gift options that might be better suited for your individual financial circumstances which we will be glad to discuss with you. This is entirely confidential and the information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence.

Your birthdate:

If this trust is to last for the lifetime of another person in addition to yourself, please enter that other person's birthdate:

The dollar amount you would like to see in a calculation:

Our calculation will make assumptions as to the payout rate and the actual date of the gift. These assumptions are simply to give you a general idea of the income and tax benefits such a gift will provide you. There are other variables that may affect the actual benefits. This calculation is just a general idea of the benefits based on the current information and market conditions available at this time.