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There is no obligation on your part in requesting information or a personal analysis of your financial circumstances. Any information provided by you will be maintained in the strictest of confidences and any response by us is for your informational purposes only. If you do not wish to answer everything, please feel free to provide what you are comfortable telling us.

If you would prefer to fax or mail this information to us, please use the print function. Our mailing address is University of Missouri-Columbia, Attn: KBIA, 78 McReynolds Hall, Columbia, MO 65211-1310 and our FAX is (573) 882-2636.

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Would you like to inform us of a bequest or other gift?

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Calculation Request.

With the following information, we will provide you with a calculation of your benefits using a Charitable Remainder Trust. There are other gift options that might be better suited for your individual financial circumstances which we will be glad to discuss with you. This is entirely confidential and the information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence.


If this trust is to last for the lifetime of another person in addition to yourself, please enter that other person's age:

The dollar amount of the trust you wish to establish:

If you wish to fund the trust with appreciated assets, such as stocks, please indicate the original cost or basis of the assets (please disregard if the funding is to be with cash):

Our calculation will make assumptions as to the payout rate and the actual date of the gift. These assumptions are simply to give you a general idea of the income and tax benefits such a gift will provide you. There are other variables that may affect the actual benefits. This calculation is just a general idea of the benefits based on the current information and market conditions available at this time.


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For more information or a confidential discussion of your charitable options, please email or call the KBIA General Manager, Mike Dunn, at (573) 882-3431.

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