Macedonian Outreach

Planned Giving Declaration of Intent

As an expression of my commitment to the mission of Macedonian Outreach, I take pleasure in declaring my intention to help provide for the future of Macedonian Outreach with a gift through:

my will

a trust agreement

a life-insurance policy


in the approximate amount of
           (indication of amount or percentage is optional)

Though this letter of intent is an expression of my current plans, I understand that I may modify or revoke it and that it is not a legal obligation binding on me or my estate. I give you permission to include my name on your list of planned gift donors, which may be printed in Macedonian Outreach publications. I would like to be listed as follows:



Please print this declaration and return to:

Vula Rushdoony
Macedonian Outreach
(925) 820-4107 FAX and PHONE
P.O. Box 398
Danville, CA 94526-0398

Thank you for your thoughtful support.

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