McLeod Health Foundation

Generations of Care Inspire Commitment to McLeod Health

the Braddy Family

“McLeod is truly a blessing to the Florence and Dillon communities,” praises John Braddy. And he should know. He and his wife, Sandy, are the third generation of Braddys to make their home in Dillon.

John is the President of Braddy Insurance, a family business established by his grandfather and father, while Sandy works in the insurance business in nearby Florence. The Braddys are involved in numerous professional and civic organizations, including McLeod Health.

The Braddy family has experienced McLeod’s comprehensive approach to health care firsthand. A self-proclaimed “frequent flyer” at McLeod, John appreciates the consistent care and friendly familiar faces he always finds there. John and Sandy’s children, Jill and David, also spent significant time at McLeod as medical students. The Braddy siblings participated in a program sponsored by the McLeod Health Foundation that allows students to shadow doctors during their medical training. As a result, Jill and David share their parents’ belief that McLeod Health is a state-of-the-art facility that puts patients and their families first.

Sustaining Health Care Excellence
A strong advocate of McLeod, John now serves on the McLeod Health Board of Trustees. He recognizes that in order for McLeod to expand and maintain their high standard of care, they need the support of the community now and in the future. To this end, John and Sandy have included a bequest for McLeod in their will. “We know the need [for financial support] will continue to be there,” John explains.

John and Sandy also encourage their children to develop their own spirit of philanthropy. “It’s essential to give back to things that are important to you,” John says. He and Sandy are grateful for all that McLeod has done for their family and their community, and they hope their legacy will help sustain McLeod’s exceptional health care for generations to come.

The future of health care is uncertain, but one thing is certain: excellent health care in our region will depend even more on the generous support of our community. We hope you will consider including McLeod Health Foundation in your estate planning.

To learn more about bequests and how they can support McLeod, contact Roxanna Tinsley, McLeod Health Foundation, at (843) 777-2694, or visit the Foundation’s Web site at