McLeod Health Foundation

Quality Healthcare Benefits Both Families and Communities

the BrandsFrank J. "Buddy" Brand II and his wife, Janet, are strong believers in the value of family and community. As residents of Florence, they feel very fortunate that their family and their community, along with communities and families from throughout northeastern South Carolina, are served by McLeod Health.

In appreciation, the Brands are supporting the hospital with a charitable gift from their newly established family foundation. It will be an endowed fund benefiting the McLeod Children's Hospital and will be made over a five-year period.

"There is a great sense of family at McLeod and you could not find a better place for service and care," Buddy says. "We are fortunate to have such a great medical facility in Florence."

Buddy, who has served on several McLeod committees, is the grandson of one of the hospital's founding board members. All four of his and Janet's children were born at McLeod, as were his brother and sister. And as an investment banker and a senior vice president with Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Buddy assists donors who are considering estate gifts to the hospital's McLeod Foundation.

For a community to grow and to prosper, Buddy says, it must have a hospital that does the same. "The better a hospital does, the better the community will do. To continue to grow, McLeod Health needs a steady stream of income. This is why estate gifts are so important."

Buddy makes the point that, depending on your individual circumstances, making a charitable estate gift can offer a variety of benefits, including saving on taxes and being able to direct where your money will be spent after you're gone.

"You can also create a legacy and do some good in the process," Buddy says. "A charitable gift to McLeod can help the viability of the hospital, and help the families and the communities it serves."