Legacy Giving

The Dr. F. H. McLeod Legacy Society Membership

Criteria for Membership

The prestigious Dr. F. H. McLeod Legacy Society is founded to recognize friends and benefactors who have established endowments and/or included McLeod Health Foundation in their will, trust and/or estate plans. Members of the Dr. F. H. McLeod Legacy Society are not only an integral part of McLeod's present, but are the keys to its future.

We are proud to announce that the Dr. F. H. McLeod Legacy Society Recognition Wall has been installed on the Concourse and is centrally located near the entrance to the McLeod Tower.

It is a great honor to recognize the commitment of our members, who, like Dr. F. H. McLeod, appreciate the value of excellent healthcare for the communities in which we live.

Benefits of Membership

Legacy Society membership includes induction during the annual Dr. F. H. McLeod Legacy Society Reception and Dinner held each January.  These members will be honored with a special membership gift in recognition for their leadership and generosity.  They will also be recognized at the bi-annual Founders Garden Party and in the McLeod Health Foundation's Annual Report.

Charter members, having joined the Society prior to January, 2008, have their names in bold. 

If you are qualified for membership in the Legacy Society, please fill out and mail our Legacy Membership Form.

The Dr. F. H. McLeod Legacy Society Membership

  • Mr. Samuel H. Altman*
  • Mrs. Marion J. Avent
  • Dr. Rajesh Bajaj and Dr. Anu Chaudhry
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Barragan
  • Mrs. Elizabeth S. Beasley*
  • Mr. and Mrs. John E. Billheimer
  • Dr. Tarek M. and Dr. Lisa A. Bishara
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Boring
  • Mr. and Mrs. John R. Braddy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Bramblett
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Brand, II
  • Ms. Doris Brasington*
  • Mr. * and Mrs. Gerald A. Burley
  • Mr. William B. Carmichael, III
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eston Clarke
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Colones
  • Mr. Timothy E. Cunningham
  • Ms. Betty-Ann Darby*
  • Dr. and Mrs. Clarence S. Davis, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. DuBard, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. David H. DuRant, Jr.
  • Ms. Joyce Durant*
  • Mr. and Mrs. S. Fulton Ervin, III
  • Mrs. Lisa Freeman
  • Mrs. Jeannette C. Glenn
  • Mr. and Mrs. Asa S. Godbold
  • Mr. and Mrs. James E. Godbold
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Granger
  • Mr. Milton Gene Hall
  • Dr. and Mrs. William M. Hazelwood
  • Mrs. Ellen Abbott Hearne
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joel B. Heffler
  • Dr. and Mrs. William H. Hester
  • Mrs. Marie B. Hilliard*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Evans P. Holland
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ted F. Huminski, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Imbeau
  • Mr. and Mrs. John T. Isgett, II
  • Mr.* and Mrs. Dwight A. Jenkinson, Jr.
  • Margaret and Wendell Jones
  • Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Kammer
  • Mrs. John Kassab
  • Mr. James Michael Kirby*
  • Dr. and Mrs. Sompong Kraikit
  • Mr. W. C. Lee
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Lewis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Locklair
  • Mrs. Virginia MacDonald*
  • Mr. and Mrs. D. Laurence McIntosh
  • Dr. and Mrs. Cheney M. Meiere, Jr.
  • Mrs. Lee C. Miller*
  • Mr. Frank M. Munn, III
  • Mr. and Mrs. John D. Orr
  • Dr. Amit and Dr. Meenakshi Pande
  • Ms. Frieda Parker*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Julius Parris
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Pavy
  • Dr. and Mrs. T. Carroll Player, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ramsey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Richardson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Roberts
  • Mr.* and Mrs. Henry J. Russell, II
  • Mr. and Mrs.* J. Banks Scarborough
  • Mr.* and Mrs. James Randolph Segars
  • Dr. Inderpal and Dr. Navdeep K. Singh
  • Dr. Orachun Sitti
  • Dr. Sarawadee Sitti
  • Mr. and Mrs. John G. Smith, Jr.
  • Ms. Jumana Ateyeh Swindler
  • Ms. Roxanna S. Tinsley
  • Mrs. Florence A. Troutman*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marion Clyde Wallace*
  • Dr.* and Mrs. Bruce W. White, Jr.
  • Mr. J. Givens Young*

    * Deceased
    Bold - Charter Members


Dr. McLeod
Dr. F.H. McLeod

The Journey Begins


Dr. F. H. McLeod Legacy Society Annual Reception and Dinner: Notes about recent events and view photos of new members.


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