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Generous Gift Comes as a Result of Good Planning

Gene Hall with plaque

"I hope that because of this [gift] more and more children will lead healthy lives."





For Gene Hall, the secret to a happy life is in giving back. “Everything we have in life is given to us,” Gene says. “It’s our responsibility, if we’re successful, to give back because our success is often the result of the generosity of others.”

Gene’s values were instilled at an early age. His father, a tenant farmer in eastern North Carolina, was the perfect role model. “Although my father was very, very poor, if you asked him for a dime and he only had a nickel in his pocket, he would give it to you,” Gene explained.

As Gene went on to obtain his college education at UNC Pembroke, his motivation to give to society grew. He first got involved with his alma mater. As his finances increased, so did his support of community organizations, many of which helped children--a passion he and his father shared.

Gene first learned of McLeod Children’s Hospital when his realtor made a donation in his name to the Children’s Miracle Network. Through the years, his knowledge of and relationship with the hospital grew.

As Gene considered making a more substantial gift, his longtime career in the insurance industry with Lincoln Financial Group in Lumberton, N.C., helped him to make a decision. He decided to purchase a life insurance policy naming McLeod Foundation the owner and beneficiary, yet designating his gift to the Children's Hospital. Annually, Gene makes a donation to pay the premiums.

“[With the gift of life insurance] I can afford to give a substantial gift without the money having to come out of my pocket,” Gene says. And although the gift is not immediate, he realizes children will continue needing care in the future--and his gift will be available to help.

Thoughtful estate planning, such as Gene’s, can result in a generous gift--perhaps one not thought possible. Contact the McLeod Foundation at (843) 777-2694 to learn more.

To join the Players in providing for McLeod's future, contact Roxanna Tinsley at (843) 777-2694 or