McLeod Health Foundation

Pavys' Gift Weaves a Legacy of Memories and Opportunities

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Pavy have provided a gift that weaves yesterday into tomorrow and gives opportunities to promising students. By endowing a scholarship to the McLeod Health Foundation, their gift continues to give. Yet, poignantly, when they made their gift, Dr. Pavy and Joan (Harrison-Pavy) didn't know how lives would inter-connect in the years to come.

The first thread of their story began in 2001, when the couple, realizing they had been blessed in their lives, established an endowed scholarship. Dr. Pavy says, "Giving back is important for us."

An oncologist, Dr. Pavy relies on the medical technology department at McLeod Regional Medical Center. "A medical technologist is a vital component of patient care. Patients seldom see these professionals, but they are essential to cancer diagnosis and treatment. We wanted to provide opportunities for laboratory professionals."

Joan, Administrator for McLeod Hospice, liked the idea of establishing a gift in perpetuity. She was also happy the scholarship could help McLeod recruit talented students. "I've met many of the scholarship recipients. These are students who are committed to quality work and to the profession."

Then, as often happens in life, an unexpected thread wove itself into the story of the Pavys and their scholarship. Kyra Nettles was a respected medical technologist who worked closely with Dr. Pavy. She died in an automobile accident and to honor her memory, the Pavys changed the name of their scholarship to the "Kyra Nettles Scholarship."

Weaving another thread into this story was Wendy Fox, a talented artist and a patient whom Dr. Pavy was treating for breast cancer. Before Kyra died and during Wendy's treatment, the two women had met. After Kyra's death, Dr. Pavy and Joan commissioned Wendy to paint Kyra's portrait (from a favorite photograph the Nettles' family shared). Wendy painted three portraits: one was given to Kyra's husband and young twin daughters, one hangs in the Carolina Health Care lab and one hangs in Dr. Pavy's office.

Today, these paintings memorialize two women, Kyra and Wendy, who also passed away. And, the Kyra Nettles Scholarship generously endowed by Dr. Michael and Joan Pavy, seamlessly weaves yesterday into tomorrow and gives promising opportunities to future Medical Technology students.