Leaving a Gift to Saint Joseph's Through Your Will or Estate Plan

Have you ever wondered how you can leave a gift to Saint Joseph's College in your will or estate plan? Perhaps you may have thought or asked:

“I want to leave a gift to Saint Joseph’s College through my will. How exactly do I do that? What language do I use?”
   See Bequests.

Legal Name:
Saint Joseph's College
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Sample Bequest Language

"I would like to use my mandatory distribution from my retirement account this year to make a gift. Can I do that?
   See IRA Gifts.

“I heard that I could make a legacy gift to Saint Joseph’s College and receive annual income through an annuity.  How does that work?”
   See Charitable Gift Annuities and Deferred Gift Annuities.

“I am updating my estate plan and I am creating a trust. What do I need to do?” 

   See Living Trusts and Charitable Remainder Trusts.

“I don’t have a large ‘estate’. Can I still make a gift of life insurance or part of my retirement account?”

   See Gifts of Life Insurance and Gifts of Retirement Assets.

“I have summer camp in Maine and I might like to donate it to the college.  How exactly do I do that?”

   See Gifts of Real Estate.

There are many different ways to support Saint Joseph’s College. Not only does a planned gift allow you to make a legacy gift to the college and influence the lives of students for many years to come, but you often receive the added bonus of receiving tax savings as well.

Have you already made a bequest
through your will or estate plan?

Please let us know of your gift so we may express our gratitude and make sure your intentions are properly carried out.

Just contact Joanne Bean
Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer,
at jbean@sjcme.edu or 207.893.7899.

Where to begin?
Legacy giving can sound complicated, but often making a legacy gift can be a really simple, easy process. 

If you are brand new to gift planning, consider the Planning Giving Factors and our chart, Legacy Giving Options, will be helpful to you.

If you want to see some examples of gifts made by others, browse the gift options and methods listed below to see how others have found the means to make a gift to the college they have loved, and how it has warmed their hearts to do so.

If you want to dive deeper into your options, just check out the sections below to learn a little bit more about each one:

Wills and Bequests
Charitable Gift Annuities
Deferred Gift Annuities
Gifts of Retirement Assets
Charitable Lead Trusts
Bargain Sales
Pooled Income Fund

Gifts of Appreciated Stock
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Gifts of Real Estate
Gifts of Life Insurance
Living Trusts
Tangible Personal Property

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For more information or a confidential discussion of your charitable options, please email or call the Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer, Joanne Bean, at 207-893-7891.

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